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This page contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP). If your questions are not addressed here, please ask for help in the GEP Bulletin Board.

Questions About the GEP

  • What are the goals of Genomics Education Partnership?

    The Genomics Education Partnership seeks to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in genomics research.

  • What types of projects is GEP involved in?

    Our current projects center around a comparative genomic analysis of the dot chromosome of various Drosophila species. See the Current Projects page for additional information.

  • Who sponsors the GEP?

    GEP is supported by a Professor's grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to Sarah C.R. Elgin, with additional support from NHGRI through the WU Genome Center and in-kind support from Washington University in St. Louis.

  • How can I participate in the partnership?

    All educators are free to use materials on the GEP website. Additional partners are now being recruited to join the sequence improvement / annotation projects. New faculty members attend a workshop at Washington University in June. See the Prospective Members page for details on how to join the Genomics Education Partnership.

GEP Web Site Questions

  • Where can I learn more about the different implementation strategies at GEP sites?

    GEP faculty members have implemented the GEP materials in a variety of settings. Check out the Table of Faculty on the GEP wiki for more information.

  • Where can I find the sequencing video tours?

    The sequencing videos are listed in the "Course Materials (WU)" section under the category "Introducing students to DNA sequencing and genomic analysis". See the Genome Center Video Tour and the Next Generation Sequencing Video Tour" pages for details.

  • How can I access the answer keys and exercise packages on the curriculum materials section?

    The answer keys and exercises packages on the GEP web site are password-protected. However, the credentials required for the course materials are not the same as those used for the Project Management System. Please contact the GEP staff members to obtain the required credentials.

  • What are the differences between the "Course Materials" and the "Workshop Materials" sections under "Curriculum"?

    Due to time constraints and the different objectives in a workshop setting compared to a regular course setting, we have adapted some of the course materials for the GEP workshops. The Workshop Materials page contains links to the presentations and materials used during the GEP workshops while the Course Materials page contains links to the materials that are designed for use in a regular class setting.

Project Management Questions

  • Where can I find the installation instructions for Consed?

    Installation instructions and links to the phred, phrap, Consed installation packages are available through the GEP Installation Package page on the GEP wiki. The GEP has obtained a license from the University of Washington to distribute the Consed package to members of the GEP. Please contact the GEP staff members to obtain the required credentials.

  • Where can I find more information on the evidence-based annotation strategy used by the GEP?

    In-depth descriptions of the GEP annotation strategy is available in the Annotation Instruction Sheet.

  • Where can I find the new annotation report?

    See the Specific Issues in GEP Annotation Projects page.

  • Can I download the annotation and finishing packages outside of the Project Management System?

    Yes. All the annotation and finishing packages can be accessed directly through the GEP Data Repository. You can also download the projects through the Sandbox Project Management System.

  • Where I can find instructions for claiming and submitting projects?

    See the GEP Web Framework documentations page for instruction on how to claim and submit projects using the Project Management System.

  • What if I have a specific finishing and annotation question?

    The GEP wiki has a list of common finishing and annotation questions under the "General Resources" section. If you cannot find the answers to your questions there, you can post your questions on the GEP Bulletin Board.

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