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This section contains links to bioinformatics tutorials and exercises developed by the GEP staff with feedback and contributions from faculty partners. Curriculum materials presented here have been developed or adapted and tested at Washington University. Alternative implementation strategies and new materials developed by the Genomics Education Partnership members are available on the GEP wiki.

Course Materials - WU Categories

Category Category Description
Introducing students to DNA sequencing and genomic analysis This section contains introductory materials that introduce the study of genomics. This section also includes curriculum materials from WU Bio 3055.
Engaging students in research in genomics This page provide a brief description of the WU Bio 4342 class - Research Explorations in Genomics
Finishing and Sequence Improvement This section contains tutorials, exercises and walkthroughs for using the phred/phrap/consed package in sequence improvement.
Annotation This section contains tutorials, exercises and walkthroughs for using the various annotation tools (BLAST, UCSC Genome Browser, Ensembl, etc) for gene annotations.
Beyond Annotation After students have completed gene annotations, they can use a variety of different bioinformatics tools and data sources to investigate interesting biological questions about the genes they have annotated. This section contains curriculum materials that have been developed by GEP faculty to guide students undertaking such explorations.
Learning to Use Unix This section contains tutorials for understanding directory structures in a UNIX system and in using command-line BLAST.
For Teaching Assistants This section is devoted to providing tips and useful approaches for Teaching Assistants in a genomics course

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