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To prepare to annotate genes, students are first introduced to the common tools available for annotation (BLAST, RepeatMasker, UCSC Genome Browser). This page contains a list of annotation tutorials developed by GEP faculty.

List of Annotation Tutorials and Walkthroughs

  • Annotation Resources

    Dr. Gary Kuleck (Loyola Marymount University) has posted a set of annotation materials protocols based on his students work on annotation of Drosophila erecta.

  • FlyBase for Undergrads

    Dr. Hui-Min Chung (University of West Florida) and her students have developed an instructional video aimed at introducing undergraduate students to the research tools available at FlyBase.

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  • Gene Annotation of Genomic DNA

    Dr. James Bedard (Adams State College) with students Amber Harlan and Joshua Machone presented a walkthrough on their annotation projects for a lunchtime talk series at Adams State College.

  • Introduction to the Complete GEP Gene Annotation Process

    Developed by Dr. Ken Saville (Albion College) and Dr. Gerard McNeil (York College, City University of New York), this walkthrough provides a comprehensive overview of the entire GEP gene annotation process. This walkthrough includes a brief description of the research problem and step-by-step instructions on how to use the UCSC Genome Browser, FlyBase, the Gene Record Finder and NCBI BLAST to investigate a feature in a Drosophila erecta Muller F element annotation project. The walkthrough then shows how students can use the Gene Model Checker to verify a gene model and it also includes a sample GEP Annotation Report.

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