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This page contains the curriculum materials developed for the 24th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium held on January 5th 2012.

List of curriculum materials

  • The Genomics Education Partnership: Investigating the Evolution of the Dot Chromosome in Drosophila.

    This lecture by Dr. Sarah Elgin (Washington University in St. Louis) provides a general overview of the Genomics Education Partnership. It describes the current GEP research problem of identifying factors involved in heterochromatin formation and maintenance through comparative genomics in Drosophila.

  • Finding Genes in a New Fly Genome

    This exercise was developed by Dr. Anya Goodman (California Polytechnic State University) and Dr. James Youngblom (California State University, Stanislaus). This exercise engages students in annotating genomic DNA from less famous species of Drosophila while teaching basic bioinformatics skills.

  • Plant Genes Annotation and Analysis

    This is a series of three 3-hour exercises that guide students on the DNA Subway, an on-line workspace that integrates tools for genomic analysis in a student and educator-friendly environment. Exercise 1 was developed by Dr. Judy Brusslan (California State University, Long Beach). The Exercise I and II PowerPoints and Exercise II were developed by Dr. James Youngblom (California State University Stanislaus). The "Prospecting for Green Revolution Genes" presentation and Exercise III were developed by Dr. Nicholas Ewing (California State University, Sacramento) based on materials initially developed by members of the iPlant Collaborative.

  • The Human Genome and Personalized Medicine

    Developed by Dr. Anya Goodman (California Polytechnic State University) and Dr. James Youngblom (California State University Stanislaus), this computer laboratory is designed to introduce students to the analysis of DNA sequences and to the effects of bioinformatics on access to health information by scientists, doctors, and the general public.

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