Genomics Education Partnership


  • Faculty/TA Workshop
    June 7-12, 2015
  • Faculty Alumni Workshop
    June 27-30, 2015
  • Faculty Alumni Workshop
    July 26-29, 2015
  • Faculty Alumni Workshop
    August 8-11, 2015
  • Faculty/TA Workshop
    January 3-8, 2016


Community Forum


  • GEP Program Director:
    Sarah C. R. Elgin
  • Technical Director:
    Chris Shaffer
  • Chief Technical / Teaching Assistant:
    Wilson Leung


About GEP

The goal of the Genomics Education Partnership is to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in genomics research. GEP is a collaboration between a growing number of primarily undergraduate institutions and the Biology Dept and Genome Center of Washington University in St. Louis. Participating undergraduates learn to take raw sequence data to high quality finished sequence, and to annotate genes and other features, leading to analysis of a question in genomics and research publication. GEP organizes research projects and provides training/collaboration workshops for PUI faculty and teaching assistants.

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Sequence Tally

Total bases finished to high quality: 7,615,693

Student Quotes

"I seriously think this should be the model for all biology courses."



  • Shaffer, C.D. et al. 2014, CBE Life Sci Educ. 13(1):111-30. A Course-Based Research Experience
  • Leung, W. et al. 2010. Genetics, Vol. 185, 1519-1534. Evolution of a Distinct Genomic Domain in Drosophila: Comparative Analysis of the Dot Chromosome in Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila virilis
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