Genomics Education Partnership

Sponsored by the University of Alabama, Washington University in St. Louis, NSF, and NIH

Image of DNA double helix
Total bases finished to high quality: 7,615,693
GEP students present their gene annotations
GEP students at the University of the Cumberlands (Photo credit: Heather Eisler)
Image of the McDonnell Genome Institute
View our video tour on the next generation sequencing technologies
Dr. Weisstein explains the state machine for the HMM
View the hidden Markov model lecture by Dr. Tony Weisstein (Truman State University)

About GEP

About GEP

The goal of the Genomics Education Partnership is to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in genomics research. GEP is a collaborative between a growing number of primarily undergraduate institutions, and the Biology Department and the McDonnell Genome Institute of Washington University in St. Louis. Participating undergraduates learn to take raw sequence data to high quality finished sequence, and to annotate genes and other features, leading to analysis of a question in genomics and research publication. GEP organizes research projects and provides training / collaboration workshops for community college, college, and university faculty and their teaching assistants.


June 10-13, 2020
Washington University in St. Louis 
June 13-16, 2020
Washington University in St. Louis